Download dota version switcher

It is quite simple to switch between warcraft 3 patch versions. Dota warcraft version switcher, free dota warcraft version switcher freeware software downloads. How to change warcraft iii version from any version to 1. Download the warcraft iii standalone version switcher from below,it will help you to change all versions.

Download warcraft 3 version switcher warcraft3tft1. Warcraft version switcher free download windows version. The most popular version among the program users is 1. This video will show you how to switch version bw 1. I shared this version switcher to you because when me and my friends planned to play dota after class we got a problem. Dota warcraft version switcher freeware free download.

This free software is an intellectual property of dota utilities. Inside the zip file are already two patch versions, but you can download the patches you need on the wc3 patches site. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is virus free. This is a different type of version switcher than the other one.

If you already have wvs program and other patch files, download the tft version 1. Get the latest dota 1 map download here ai version download dota 6. It works using an installer and to switch the versions, to switch, just use the start menu buttons to execute the switch. After downloading the patch version files, do not extract them. Warcraft version switcher is a program that allows you to change between different versions of warcraft in a fast and safe way. How to switch to every warcraft iii version tutorial. Change the warcraft 3 patch to play w3arena, bnet ladder, netease or gameranger. Most of the players expected arrival of extended multiplayer features like garena gaming platform but instead blizzard focused on fixing the compatibility issue with windows 7, 8. Download the warcraft 3 version switcher extract to a folder of your choice run wvs. With this program you can upgrade or downgrade from patch 1. Just copy the files and paste in your wvs folder of warcraft version switcher.

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