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Polymer processing extrusion instabilities and methods for. In the film blowing process, ldpe bubbles exhibit more stability because of their high extensional viscosity. Wilson, vivien loridan, linear instability of a highly shearthinning fluid in channel flow, journal of nonnewtonian fluid mechanics, 2015, 223, 200 crossref. For the socalled spurt phenomenon a model is discussed that makes use of the jso constitutive equation. These phenomena, visu ally observed as distortions of the extrudate, are a serious problem in the polymer processing industry, limiting the production rates and. Instabilities in polymer processing, aiche journal 10. Polymer processing extrusion instabilities and methods for their elimination or minimisation. Petrie department of engineering mathematics university o f newcastle upon tyne newcastle upon tyne, n e l 7ru england and morton m. Quantity and production rate dimensional accuracy and surface finish form and detail of the product nature of material size of final productin general, plastics processes have three phases. Control of the sharkskin instability in the extrusion of. Discs of polymer without cb were also prepared in the same way. Middleman, fundamentals of polymer processing, mcgrawhill, new. Che 462 polymer processing fall 2019 biomedical engineering. Purchase advances in polymer processing 1st edition.

Polymer processing many polymer processing sequences are extension dominated, e. An overview of molten polymer drawing instabilities. Simultaneous insitu analysis of instabilities and first. Modeling polymer meltflow instabilities eindhoven university.

Wall slip, which is normally present, is also briefly discussed and its relation to melt fiacture is addressed. Extrusion instabilities and wall slip morton m denn. Denn instabilities which arise in shear and extensional flows in the processing of polymeric liquids are. Frontal polymerization fp was recently demonstrated as a faster, more energyefficient way to manufacture fiberreinforced thermosettingpolymermatrix composites. Structural studies behavior in extensional flows is much more sensitive to molecular. A mechanism for extrusion instabilities in polymer melts. An example pertinent to the present investigation is the flow of polymer solutions into abrupt contractions, which is a widely studied problem.

Role of processing aids in the extrusion of molten polymers. Interfacial instabilities gels interfacial instabilities gels vol. Development of extrusion instabilities and surface. The book pays particular attention to flow instabilities that affect the rate of production and the methods used to prevent and eliminate flow instabilities in order to increase. Onset of these defects depends on the processing conditions, on heat transfer, and on the rheology of the polymer even if some may be encountered for newtonian fluids. Extrusion defects and flow instabilities of molten polymers. Mathematics in industry the european consortium for mathematics in industry, vol 1. Polymer processing instabilities control and understanding. Optimize your polymer extrusion process by eliminating. Control and understanding offers a practical understanding of the various flows that occur during the processing of polymer melts. Polymer blend ing in general with concentrations of the minor com. Detailed experimental investigation of flow instabilities occurring during polymer processing for different polymers, equipment designs and processing conditions followed by modeling of polymer processing utilizing proper numerical technique to solve mass, momentum and energy balance equations together with chosen constitutive equation.

Cavitation of polyethylene during extrusion processing. Pdf book polymer processing instabilities understanding and control chemicalindustries band 103 even this photo album is made in soft file forms. Control of the sharkskin instability in the jonathan p. The main topics involved in the processing of polymers will be explored. Control and understanding polymer processing instabilities. Amon2 1polymer centre, faculty of technology, tomas bata university in zlin, zlin, czech republic. Theoretical and experimental investigation of interfacial. These compartmentalized nanorods may have potential applications as delivery devices. The rayleigh instabilities in these confined geometries offer a novel means of controlling and fabricating the polymer nanostructures. A small temperature increase may sufficiently reduce the polymers viscosity, lowering the shear stress imparted in the extrudate. A similar behavior was observed when pmma films were confined within carbon nanotubes cnts. Simultaneous insitu analysis of instabilities and first normal stress di. Most polymers used for commercial processing are of sufficiently high molecular weight that the polymer chains are highly entangled in the melt, resulting in flow. Postponing polymer processing instabilities springerlink.

The pa per also describes methods that can be utilised to reduce, or eliminate, the particular instability. Appearance of these surface distortions is generally unacceptable for commercial applications. The experimental observations and the extent of theoretical understanding of the instabilities are discussed. Naue2 and manfred wilhelm2 1 chalmers university of technology, 41258 gothenburg, sweden 2 karlsruhe institute of technology. Control and understanding offers a practical understanding of the. Many others have a strong extensional component, e. Drawing instabilities and rupture are a serious limitation in polymer fibre and film processing.

Pdf polymer processing extrusion instabilities and. The desire to forestall the onset of sharkskin to higher output rates has motivated a considerable amount of research to characterize the nature of the instability. In this report a short overview is given of the instabilities that may occur during extrusion of a polymer. Faculty of applied physics, rheology group, university of twente, p.

The book pays particular attention to flow instabilities that affect the rate of production and the methods used to prevent and eliminate flow instabilities in order to increase production rates and enhance manufacturing efficiency. The paper also describes methods that can be utilised to reduce, or eliminate, the particular instability. Extrusion flow instabilities were apparently observed during world war ii and were first reported in 1945. Flow instabilities occur in a variety of commercial polymer processing operations including extrusion. These gels are actually one polymer flowing across the. Avoiding instabilities influence of minor changes in. For the stick spurt instability all the polymers chosen exhibited strong stick slip regions and had similar zero shear rate viscosities.

Differences in viscoelastic properties can lead to difficulties within the production process. Troubleshooting extrusion instabilities with a rubber. This draw resonance instability is usually one of the most industrially important productivity issues as well as the academically intriguing stability problem because its nonlinear dynamics is complicated and. Polymer processing instabilities control and understanding pdf. Elastic instabilities in planar elongational flow of. The extrusion of polymer melts is often rate limited by the onset of an elastic surface instability known as sharkskin.

Selection of a process depends on many factors including. When the pressure reaches a critical value, there is a sudden. Instabilities in polymer processing instabilities in polymer processing petrie, christopher j. In this note, we present a case study where an rpa was utilized to troubleshoot a processing problem where extrusion instabilities were experienced. Extrusion defects and flow instabilities of molten. The wall slip and flow instability behavior of two polymers, i. Thus the stability of continuous processes of polymer processing like extrusion, fiber spinning, film casting, calendaring, pultrusion, etc. Polymer processingthere are many processes for plastics.

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